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January is a perfect organizational storm.

The first week of 2015 was perfect for refueling post-holiday. My office was on winter break (giving me some time to organize), it was uncharacteristically chilly in San Francisco (so I stayed in), and somehow, someway, Target just happened to put those plastic storage drawers on sale in their weekly circular (giving me another fun project to embark on). Jackpot.

So I bought the storage drawers.

In fact, I bought so many plastic storage drawers that I almost had to leave my boyfriend at Target in South San Francisco (hey, he would have been fine, there is a Chipolte in the same parking lot and a Starbucks if he dares to reenter Target).

Twenty minutes and many misshapen toilet paper rolls later, I was back in our 750 sq ft apartment (PS. that’s luxury in SF), deciding what I should keep and what I should donate in 2015. (Because why donate in late 2014 before the tax season ends when instead I can play the “hey I bet I can hold onto this tax break paper for a whole year” game. Right.)

As a promotional item connoisseur, I had plenty of branded items to purge.

What was that company? Are those pens going to dry up before I use them? Will I retain the sweet memory of that event if I keep just one pair of those shades? Can I only use one promotional phone charger at a time?

No pen, sticky note pad, or eco-friendly reusable bag was off limits. 

So what did I keep? One of my favorite promotional items of all times, the rechargeable phone battery, made the cut. Instead of wiggling to the bottom of a plastic-drawer pit, I put a couple of them in the hall closet next to my sunscreen and stock pile of Burt’s Bees. A prime spot to ensure they get more use.


I totally believe visual clutter is mental clutter. Do you have multiples or well-intentioned but useless items you should purge in 2015? With a whole year of events ahead of you, I bet you will need the room for shiny new promotional items.

Like me, maybe you’ll even find a promotional item or two that you should start using regularly.

Phones die all the time, so I’m going to keep this promotional phone charger on me now…

Rechargeable phone battery

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